Beginning a Reservation

When do I need to start my reservation?

Our rentals are first come, first serve so we recommend starting your reservation as soon as possible to guarantee your rental items and quantities.

Do you rent by the hour or day?

Our inventory is rented by the event and covers up to a week rental.

When do I pay a deposit & when is my payment due?

No deposits are required. For all reservations, payment in full is due 14 days in advance of the delivery date.

How do I make payment?

We accept cash, check, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, & American Express.

Payment may be mailed, accepted in-person in our showrooms, or by credit card over the phone.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your showroom?

Appointments are not necessary but are helpful.

Otherwise, we are happy for you to drop in anytime during our business hours!

General Service

Can I pick-up my reservation from your showroom?

Yes! To avoid a delivery charge, you are welcome to pick-up items from any of our showrooms.

Due to certain restrictions, some items are available for delivery only.

Do you visit the event space prior to creating a quote or reservation?

Yes! We are happy to schedule a site visit with you upon request. A sales team member will work with you to schedule a tent pro's visit to your event location.

What do I need to do when Event Rentals is delivering / picking-up?

To finalize your reservation, we ask that you fill out a link to delivery information. This link will be sent during your initial inquiry.

In addition to these forms:

*Noting and informing us of where you would like inventory placed or set-up.

*Mowing grass prior to our arrival if delivery items will be on a grass area.

*Contacting 811 to have any buried lines marked if you will be using a staked tent at least 5 business days prior to delivery.

I completed a quote online. Is that a reservation?

A quote on our website is only a quote and does not obligate you to any rentals.

We should receive a copy once you submit the quote online and will be in contact within eight business hours. If we have not followed up within that time-frame, please email us at info@event-rentals.com to ensure we have received it.

Does pricing include set-up?

Set-up on tents, staging, dance floor, flooring, lighting, etc. are included in their rental price.

Set up and take down can be added to any chair, table or linen rental. Layouts are required for set-up.

Does Event Rentals offer place settings at tables?

Yes! This is a very detailed & customized option and must be discussed prior to quoting.

What happens if I damage or fail to return items?

We do not charge a damage waiver fee up front on rented items.

We do charge the replacement cost on items that are broken, damaged, or not returned.

If you receive any items in a damaged condition, Event Rentals must be notified immediately in order to correct the problem. Please call the number listed on your order and leave a message to report.

Tent Information

How is the tent weighted down?

Tents are anchored by stakes or concrete blocks.

There is a 10% upcharge for any tent requiring a concrete block.

Will I need tent sidewalls?

Sidewalls are not included in the tent rental but are recommended in the event of cold, windy or heavy rainy conditions.

Sidewalls can also be utilized on just one area of a tent as a backdrop or to hide an area such as restrooms or catering prep areas.

Sidewalls help with wind but should not be used as a “wind barrier”.

A gap can be left in the sidewall install for an entry/exit or they can be folded back while guests enter and can be closed back once in/out traffic is stopped.

Will tent sidewalls roll up?

Our sidewalls do not roll-up but clip-on and off the perimeter of the tent.

How much lighting do I need?

The amount of lighting needed depends on the time of the event, the atmosphere you're wanting to create, as well as the tent size/type (if applicable).

Give one of our showrooms a call and we are happy to discuss and quote your lighting needs!

We have perimeter lighting, string or ‘Italian’ lights, chandeliers, uplighting, and spot lights.

Is there enough room for the tent to fit where I want it?

Measuring for a tent can be tricky depending on the placement, size, type, and terrain.

We are happy to do a site visit to inspect the area and to advise on what will work or what would need to be done (branches trimmed, etc.) for a tent to be able to fit your space.

Will I need heaters?

If temperatures are going to be below 60* during your event, we recommend heaters to keep the temperatures appropriate or at room temperature.

The quantity of the heaters can vary depending on the location of the event, if it is a tented event, and how many people are attending the event.

Will I need fans?

If temperatures are going to be above 80* during your event, we recommend fans in order to move air and keep the temperatures appropriate or at room temperature.

The quantity of the fans can vary depending on the location of the event, if it is a tented event, and how many people are attending the event.

Do you offer A/C?

We do offer air conditioning for our tents! Please contact us at info@event-rentals.com for more information.

Rain Plan / Tent Cancellation Policy

At Reservation

Tents may be reserved at any time.

Payment is due 14 days in advance of delivery.

If order is placed within 14 days of delivery, payment is due immediately to reserve inventory.

Within 7 Business Days of Delivery

Tents cancelled within seven days of delivery will receive a 50% refund.

Within 1 Business Day of Delivery

Tents cancelled within 1 business day of delivery will not receive a refund.

'Insurance Policy'

Therefore, you could reserve a tent, pay for it, and cancel it 8 days prior to delivery for a 25% “insurance” policy.